Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 500 Words a Day Challenge!

It's been way too long since I have updated this blog, so in an effort to change that and write more every day, I am entering the "500 Words A Day Challenge". This may not sound much, but I hope that this will lead to more words once I get started each day.

I have also added two writing progress meters in the sidebar, which I will update once a week, if not sooner. Here they are:


34276 / 80000


6290 / 15000

Hopefully, this will encourage me to write more regularly! Fingers crossed.

At the moment I have not got anything in the pipeline, other than the two books mentioned above. Usually I have at least a couple of short stories or flash fiction pieces in the hands of online magazine editors waiting for their yay or nay responses. Lately, however, there has been a lot going on in my life and when I do sit down and write it's to work on the novel or novella with sporadic bursts of productivity. And then nothing for days. This is going to change! Watch this space.

I've also updated my MySpace profile, which was more than overdue.

Until next time, which shouldn't be as long as the gap between my last post and this new one, have fun!



  1. Sorry this is late, Ella. I think your 500 word challenge is marvelous and I wish you great success. I know you will do a fantastic job. :)

  2. Thanks, Michael!

    That's very kind of you.


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