Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Beginnings: My Blogging Goal

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Here I hope to share my successes and any other news pertaining to my writing. Now if that's not a goal to encourage me to work hard, I don't know what is!

First up is a link to a brilliant new site I recently found and my first published Micro Horror submission. Please follow the link below to read my mini story. All comments are most welcome and just what I need to push me into submitting more!

Although working on larger pieces, I'm rather keen on writing short flash and micro fiction. It really develops the skills for editing, killing your babies, but it can feel horribly ruthless at times. Luckily I revel in ruthless.

Micro Horror: Cognitive Dissonance
February 2009

Have a MySpace account? I can be found skulking around there as well. Please do add me!

Take care! Hope to have some more news to post soon.


  1. Hi Ella, nice to see you outside!! Yep that's ok with me.

    Avis x

  2. hey it's me again! you live in Cambrif=dge, I live just down the linw in Suffolk. We should do lunch.

  3. ... and I should learn to type - or proof read!!!

  4. Oh yes! would love to 'do lunch' LOL Now that is a surprise - being so close.

    Thanks for the add to your blog, I'm adding yours now!

    Ella x

  5. Hi Ella,

    Great start to your blog. Hope you have lots of news soon.

  6. Thanks for commenting, Sandy

    New news is in the pipeline - yay!

    Ella x

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere!



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